Faculty & Staff

Dr. Joseph J. Collins

National Strategic Strategy,  Stabilization and Reconstruction,

Mr. Bernie Carreau
Deputy  Director

Stabilization and Reconstruction; Civilian Capacities; PRT

Mr. Michael Miklaucic
Director of Research/PRISM Editor, USAID Rep
Development; DDR; Rule of Law

Dr. Kim Cragin
Senior Research Fellow
Counter Terrorism, Counter Violent Extremism  

Mr. Dale Erickson
Research Fellow
Civil Affairs; Irregular Warfare

Mr. Nathan White
Research Fellow
Irregular Warfare; Sociocultural Analysis; Stabilization; Conflict Assessment; Interagency Coordination

Mr. Christoff Luehrs
Research Fellow
Counterinsurgency; Stabilization and Reconstruction; PRTs

Mr. Max Kelly
Research Fellow
Counterinsurgency, Stabilization and Reconstruction

Ms. Alexandra Kerr
Research Fellow
Defense Institution Building

Ms. Becky Harper
Joint Lessons Learned Information Systems Administrator/Analyst
Intern Coordinator

Visiting Fellows

Mr. Doug Farah
Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Transnational Crime, Terrorism and Insurgency

Visiting Research Senior Fellow 

Visiting Research Fellow