News | Oct. 16, 2017

Module 4: Capacity Building, Institutional Development, and Accountability


Module 4 focuses on capacity building, to include security sector reform and security sector governance, and look at the enduring lessons from both US and international security assistance efforts around the world. Discussions should cover overlooked challenges in effective monitoring and evaluation of capacity, and include consideration of enduring insights from both pre-and post-conflict stabilization; capacity building issues and planning for accountability and anti-corruption.

Recommended Readings:

  • Beyond Convergence: World Without Order, Edited by Michael Miklaucic and Hilary Matfess. Washington, DC: The Center for Complex Operations (2016) 
    • Chapter 14, “Leviathan Redux: Toward and Community of Effective States” by Claire Lockhart and Michael Miklaucic 
  • Impunity: Confronting Illicit Power in War and Transition, Edited by Michelle A. Hughes and Michael Miklaucic. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office (2016).  
    • Chapter 14, “Make It Matter: Ten Rules for Institutional Development That Works” by Mark Kroeker
    • Chapter 16, “Security Sector Reconstruction in Post Conflict: Lessons from Timor Leste” by Deniz Kozak 
    • Chapter 17, “A Granular Approach to Combatting Corruption and Illicit Power Structures” by Scott Carlson 
  • Browse OECD DAC Handbook on Security System Reform, Supporting Security and Justice (Paris: OECD DAC, 2008).
  • PPD 23: U.S. Security Sector Assistance Policy [Fact Sheet] (The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, April 5, 2013) 


  • Webcast: “The Problem of Police” featuring Michelle Hughes 

Lecture Notes and Facilitator’s Guides: 

  • Facilitator’s Guide: “Capacity Building, Institutional Development, and Accountability” 
  • Lecture Notes: “Leviathan Redux: Toward and Community of Effective States” 
  • Facilitator’s Guide: “Make It Matter: Institutional Development That Works” 
  • Lecture Notes: “Security Sector Reconstruction in Post-Conflict: The Lessons from Timor-Leste” 

Slide Pack: 

  • “Capacity Building, Institutional Development, and Accountability”