The United States faces numerous complex challenges in the national security sphere. Few if any of those can be met with traditional military operations alone. National Defense University (NDU) creates strategic advantage by developing joint warfighters and other national security leaders, and through whole-of-government and whole-of-nation educational programs, research, and engagement, forging the relationships necessary to meet these complex challenges.  

Today complex operations are substantively integrated into all NDU lines of effort, and are a key element within the NDU research program. PRISM, the Journal of Complex Operations, continues to serve as NDUs primary venue for discourse among the scholarly, policymaking, and practitioner communities engaged in stabilization, counterinsurgency, transition, and irregular warfare operations. The NDU research program in complex operations, including engagement with the relevant communities of interest and practice, continues to influence policy and contribute to scholarship through the work of the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS), as well as NDU’s other teaching and specialized components. 

Complex operations remain a critical area for both education and research at NDU. We are excited to offer this forum as a community of interest and invite those with questions or contributions to directly engage with our community of interest. For specifics on experts, publications, or events please contact the PRISM editor at:

PRISM Phone: 202-433-9654



Mr. Michael Miklaucic
Editor and Senior Fellow

Ms. Patricia Clough
Deputy Editor and Associate Fellow

Mr. Dale Erickson
Research Fellow