Liana Reyes-Reardon

Visiting Research Fellow

Liana Reyes-Reardon is a Visiting Research Fellow at  National Defense University (NDU) in the Center for Complex Operations (CCO). Ms. Reyes-Reardon focuses on armed non-state actors (terrorism and insurgency), conflict and post-conflict, geopolitics, transnational crime and illicit markets, and governance. Her work has been published in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Perspectives on the Americas, The Diplomat, Palm Beach Post, and Foreign Policy Journal, and presented at scholarly conferences around the world including Bruges, London, Miami, Moscow, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, and has conducted fieldwork and traveled throughout Latin America, and lived in Venezuela. Prior to joining NDU, Ms. Reyes-Reardon was a graduate student, Research Coordinator at IBI Consultants, a national security consulting firm, and Lead Analyst for Custom Information Service, a private intelligence and investigations firm. She is also a graduate student at Rice University, where she is currently earning a PhD in Political Science.  She holds an MA in Politics from New York University and an MA in Global Affairs and JD from Florida International University.