PRISM Volume 5, No 4

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Colombia Back from the Brink: From Failed State to Exporter of Security

By Juan Carlos Pinzón

Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle:  A Leap Towards Ensuring Regional Security

By Juan Orlando Hernández

Change and Adaptation: Changes in the Western Hemisphere and Beyond

By Vicente Fox

De-Militarizing Civilian Security in Mexico and the Northern Triangle

By Tom Malinowski and Charles O. Blaha

A Critical Juncture for Security and Human Rights

By Leana D. Bresnahan

Insecurity and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Inés Bustillo and Halvia Velloso

United States policy in the Hemisphere: Influencing the State and Beyond

By Frank O. Mora and Brian Fonesca

After the Negotiations: How Reconstruction Teams Can Build a Stronger Peace in Colombia

By Agustin E. Dominguez

Russia in Latin America: A Strategic Analysis

By Douglas Farah and Liana Eustacia Reyes

Iranian and Hezbollah Operation in South America: Then and Now

By Matthew Levitt

Transnational Organized Crime: An Insidious Threat to US National Security Interests

By Renee Novakoff

Illicit Networks: Rethinking the Systemic Risk in Latin America

By Ivan Briscoe and Pamela Kalkman

The Rise of Militias in Mexico: Citizens’ Security or Further Conflict Escalation?

By Vanda Felbab-Brown

The Evolving Transnational Crime-Terrorism Nexus in Peru and its Strategic Relevance for the U.S. and the Region

By R. Evan Ellis


An Interview with General John Kelly