PRISM Volume 2, Issue 4

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Transforming the Conflict in Afghanistan
by Joseph A. L’Etoile

State-building: Job Creation, Investment Promotion, and the Provision of Basic Services
by Paul Collier

Operationalizing Anticipatory Governance

by Leon Fuerth

Colombia: Updating the Mission?
by Carlos Alberto Ospina Ovalle

Reflections on the Human Terrain System During the First 4 Years
by Montgomery McFate and Steve Fondacaro

Patronage versus Professionalism in New Security Institutions

by Kimberly Marten

Regional Engagement in Africa: Closing the Gap Between Strategic Ends and Ways
by Laura R. Varhola and Christopher H. Varhola

NATO Countering the Hybrid Threat
by Michael Aaronson, Sverre Diessen, Yves de Kermabon, Mary Beth Long, and Michael Miklaucic

Lessons Learned

Book Review

The Future of Power
Reviewed by John W. Coffey