PRISM Volume 4, Issue 2

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The Arab Spring: Safeguarding U.S. Interests for the Long Term
by James A. Larocco and William L. Goodyear

“Train as You Fight” Revisited: Preparing for a Comprehensive Approach
by Sebastiaan Rietjens, Paul C. van Fenema, and Peter Essens

Inevitable Conflicts, Avoidable Failures: Preparing for the Third Generation of Conflict, Stabilization, and Reconstruction Operations
by Johanna Mendelson Forman and Liora Danan

Regime Change Without Military Force: Lessons from Overthrowing Milosevic
by Gregory L. Schulte

Changing of the Guard: Civilian Protection for an Evolving Military
by Larry Lewis and Sarah Holewinski

Building the Capabilities and Capacity of Partners: Is This Defense Business?
by James Q. Roberts

The Uneasy Relationship Between Economics and Security
by Alexander Ferguson

Three Design Concepts Introduced for Strategic and Operational Applications
by Ben Zweibelson


Sri Lanka’s Rehabilitation Program: A New Frontier in Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency
by Malkanthi Hettiarachchi


Decade of War: Enduring Lessons from a Decade of Operations
by Elizabeth Young

Interagency Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq: A Case Study of the Rusafa Political District
by Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., and Craig Collier


An Interview with Maria Otero


In the Whirlwind of Jihad
Reviewed by John Herbst

Great Game, Local Rules and the New Great Power Context in Central Asia
Reviewed by John Herbst