PRISM is published by the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University. PRISM is a security studies journal chartered to inform members of U.S. Federal Agencies, Allies, and other partners on complex and integrated national security operations; reconstruction and nationbuilding; relevant policy and strategy; lessons learned; and developments in training and education to transform America’s security and development apparatus to meet tomorrow’s challenges better while promoting freedom today.




PRISM, National Defense University's journal of complex operations,  is pleased to invite manuscripts for Vol.8, No. 3 “Singularity.” 

Our increasingly complex security environment is defined by rapid technological change, and our increasingly capable adversaries will challenge the United States in every domain, placing strategic demands on leaders at every level. 

With Vol.8, No.3, “Singularity,” PRISM will begin to map the evolving national security threat environment as it is characterized by emerging and converging, disruptive technologies, including digital as well as more conventional lethal technologies. 

Manuscripts dealing with artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, and cyber technology, robotics, autonomous systems, directed energy weapons, quantum applications to warfare, and other emerging technologies are requested. Manuscripts should be 4,000–7,000 words and must emphasize second- and third-order analysis. Original manuscripts must also be submitted through our ScholarOnePRISM manuscript tracking system. Potential authors can submit their manuscript for blind review by accessing the aptly named "submissions" tab on this website.

All submissions are subject to PRISM’s rigorous threshold and blinded peer review process. Threshold is largely determined by topical relevance, continuing education for national and international security professionals, scholarly standards of argumentation, quality of writing, and readability. To help achieve threshold, authors are strongly encouraged to provide insight beyond the headlines, clearly explain national security relevance, and propose actionable recommendations. Authors should also demonstrate how the combined efforts of research, policy, and practice can help anticipate and respond to transformative national security challenges that arise from technological developments.

While we expect to publish Vol.8, No.3 “Singularity” in Fall 2019 with manuscripts expected by July 31, 2019, this theme will remain a consistent interest for future issues of PRISM. Our editorial team loves receiving e-mail so please do not hesitate to send comments, questions, or suggestions to <>. 

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